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Weber Tools is your partner for industrial equipment and tools. Our webshop offers - in addition to 5,000 further articles - the extensive range of Magna Bits.

Our bit range

The right bit for every application! Our assortment includes Frearson, Phillips, Pozidriv and Tri-wing bits as well as double bits, bitholders und Torq-Set bits.

Product description

Magna bits range

Our bit range does not only offer bits for all standard screw heads and drive styles: With regard to the criteria which influence the features and performance capabilities of a product, geometry, tempering process and surface treatment of our screwdriver bits have been optimised to meet the requirements of the specific applications.

In order to select the right bit quality for a particular screw driving job, we basically differentiate between "soft" and "hard" screw driving. However, during daily practice, often mixed forms of these two application cases are likely to occur. Therefore it should be estimated which type of load the bit will be exposed primarily.

So-called "soft application" is defined by a gradual increase in the torque up to the maximum load value (e.g. driving crosshead screws into soft wood). For such applications we recommend to use extra hard or ZRN coated bits because both combine highest resistance against wear with sufficient flexibility.

During "hard application", the bit reaches the maximum strain in torque only at the end of the screwdriving process (e.g. driving threaded screws in metal railing). In such case ISO-TEMP and E-Plus are the optimal choice. Both provide a high degree of flexibility in combination with a good stability against wear.

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